Welcome to the birth of Stage Fever Productions!

Bidding a long and sad farewell to the entertainment industry during the hardships of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Stage Fever Productions became established with a new and inspiring lease of life in 2021. With a desperate need to return quality entertainment to the stage again, professional performer Claire Hudspeth and Entertainment Music Manager Andrew Simpson got the stage fever and joined creative forces.

They have produced various high-quality themed in-house production shows with their combined wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry for the theatre market and the corporate and private events sector.

Here at Stage Fever Productions, we produce, direct, cast, promote and market our shows, working alongside a talented team of experienced creative professionals. Quality is at the heart of everything we do. To produce new and exhilarating, high-end shows for all music lovers.

Attention to detail is essential for our vision to authentically replicate the key music genres, fashions, and styles of the music show eras as accurately as possible. We aim to transport our audience members back through music history with the power of song and dance to evoke and recapture the musical memories of their youth.

Our music decade-based shows feature talented singers, dancers, and a live band, complemented by authentic quality bespoke costumes, innovative stage prop design, show narration, an explosion of footage images from an LED screen, and a fully programmed lighting show.

Our company’s primary mission is to bring to life music decades from the past authentically, to spark memories, nostalgia, and a sense of well-being. To reach a diverse community who share a love for music from the decades of their youth. To reconnect communities and individuals who wish to express themselves freely by singing and dancing to the music. Our goal is to offer high-quality shows that are affordable and can be adapted to suit any audience capacity or performance space.