Our shows

The Super Duper 70s Show

Calling All You Disco Hippie Chicks and Flare Lovin’ Fellas! Stage Fever Productions are SUPER DUPER excited to launch their jaw-dropping, sensational 70s show spectacular for you to feast your eyes on! ‘The Super Duper 70s Theatre Show’ is exploding with high-energy, iconic 70s hits from Disco, and Glam Rock, to Pop and Classic Rock! Boogie on back to the sizzling 70s! This groovy show will space hop you back in time and tantalize your musical taste buds with its tremendously talented star cast, captivating costumes, and enthralling choreography! So Come On Feel The Noize, and prepare to be tappin’ those Tiger Feet!

The Super Duper Troopers Show

Oh Mamma Mia! Here we go again! Stage Fever Productions are SUPER DUPER excited to launch yet another FABBATASTIC show!.. These Super Duper Troopers are shining like the sun and feeling like a number one with their authentic tribute to the legendary Swedish sensation, ‘ABBA!’ Featuring classic platform stomping hits, iconic choreography, spellbinding vocals, dazzling costume, and its very own ABBATASTICAL band! We say, ‘GIMME, GIMME, GIMME’ ABBA! Come on all you Dancing Queens and Kings, Take A Chance on this ABBA Extravaganza! Grooving its way to a stage near you!